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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation for almost every form of online advertising and SEO tips for beginners is going to teach you the basics.

This site isn't for everyone.

If you need to know:

  • what a meta tag is and how to use them
  • what keywords are
  • how many keywords to use
  • where keywords should be placed and why
  • what title tags are
  • what alt tags are
  • what header tags are
  • what a sitemap is and how to use the different kinds
  • why links can help or hurt you
  • why commenting is a good thing

then this site will help you.



  Being a Network Engineer and starting in computers back in January, 1979, when the fastest connection to the internet [internet was not public back then] was a 300 baud modem and sticking with it up to current times. Having worked on some of the largest and smallest networks connected to the internet and helped build and maintain some of the largest websites that receive millions of hits each month, I feel more than qualifies me to speak about Jerry's skills.

Personally knowing and working daily with Jerry since the very first part of 2002, he is an extremely focused and intelligent man. He has trained people like us from the very first day I met him and he has not stopped training people. He trains you on the best Search Engine Optimization techniques, which include article marketing along with LSI, etc. He is always on the leading edge - yet solid known technology that actually works, not fly-by-night seat-of-the-pants maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.

You can rest assured that what Jerry presents you with, does and will work. All you have to do is follow his training and advice, it is very simple really. He has utilized and worked with multiple site CMS's and blog scripts and is extremely fluent in WordPress blogs and the plugins that make it 'rock-n-roll seo' all the way.

Let me put it to you another way: when it comes to article writing, WordPress and associated plugins and SEO, I go to Jerry instead of Jerry coming to me.

Jim Weltzin, CCNA Certified



Everyone that knows the above and completely understands it AND uses them does NOT need the information I share.
Questionable and short lived SEO tips and tricks aren't necessary if you know and use the solid and basic SEO tips I teach and use. Your chosen keyword and search engine ranking are often interlinked so learn the basics.

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SEO Tips for Beginners


    Jerry, what a relief that we met you when my staff was trying to create Wound Care Spray. Your knowledge of search engines, key words, meta tags, content, blogs, Googlebot, etc., increased our page views almost overnight. Every day we see that new searches have landed on our site. Thanks for teaching us about so many online resources and techniques and for graciously letting us interrupt your day with our many questions.

Sharon Gardner, co-owner,
Healthy Life and Times, LLC