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24 Links From Directories

Links From Directories

I've stated in earlier lessons that inbound links from article directories and niche directories help and it's important that you use a variety of keywords in your links.


People do not necessarily use the same words and phrases to find your site that you would. As you start getting traffic to your website, you'll see a list of keywords YOU might not have thought of OR you thought they weren't relevant enough to use.

My stats for this site show that I'm receiving search engine traffic for:

Seo tips for beginners
Search engine optimization tips for beginners
Seo for beginners
Seo tips
Basic seo tips
Basic seo skills

I did NOT expect more than half my search engine traffic to be on the keyword phrase SEO tips since it is the next level up from the phrase I chose for the site but it is the phrase Google sees as most relevant so I'll start using it AND SEO for beginners as anchor text in some of my marketing since those two phrases are bringing the most traffic.

The idea is to add more onsite content externally for SEO Tips that will interest a free visitor enough to want to join AND to build up the incoming links on the phrases Google likes so the site ranks higher in the results for those phrases.

EVERY time I add an external link on ANY of the 6 phrases listed above to an external site, the search engines will see my site as more of an authority on that phrase an push me higher in the results.

As the number of incoming links increases for EACH phrase so will the site's credibility for the higher level term of SEO.

Your on page optimization was the start. All incoming links help build the importance of the content on your site in the eyes of the search engines.

A site with less than perfect on page optimization can rank very high in the results pages IF they have a LOT of quality incoming links from a variety of relevant sites with quality content.

I recently watched a video that another SEO guy made and he said something like: "Inbound links are currently the sledge hammer of SEO." I took that to mean that inbound links knock down many barriers to doing well in the search engines and he's right.

If you have two sites on the same subject with an almost equal number of links, the one with the best on page optimization will usually rank higher.

There are cases where sites with fewer inbound links rank higher than others that have more links but this doesn't happen very often. Sites like that usually have their inbound links from .edu or .gov sites which are given more weight by the search engines.

Note: Buying links is a BAD idea, linking to sites that Google has de-listed is a BAD idea and getting too many inbound links in one day is a BAD idea.

If you hire someone to create inbound links for you and they put up 50, 100 or more in one day, it looks as unnatural as it is to the search engines and your site risks being de-listed. Adding 10-15 links per day from any single source is more natural.

Using software like the Directory Submitter in the Downloads Section to find good directories is okay. You can then verify the directory places your link in the right category and that all of your information is correct before submitting. This tool will let you do 10 submissions to directories you pick in about 30 minutes.


23 Article Marketing & Links

Article Marketing and Links

As I've stated before, writing articles for ezines, article directories and even for other websites as a contributing author is a great way to get quality links back to your site.

I run a niche article directory and I a saddened by the wasted effort I see from so many authors every day.

Articles are submitted that are not grammatically correct and are full of spelling and punctuation errors which shows these people don't understand that the article is the first and often ONLY chance they will have to build credibility and trust without the reader's defenses being up.

Most of these articles also fail miserably from an SEO standpoint.

The vast majority of the authors submit articles that have dead URLs in the resource box. This is a complete waste of time for help in the search engines AND VERY few readers will take the time to copy/paste the URL into a browser to visit your site when there are a lot of other articles on the topic.

Your article recourse box MUST have active URLs to receive visitors and to get ANY benefit from the inbound links. If the submission guidelines allow it, most do, the link should be under the keyword text YOU want the search engines to index your site for.

The How To Write Marketing Articles eBook in the downloads section gives an example of an article resource box that is formatted for good SEO benefit. I use the techniques I wrote in that eBook and my click-thru rate for my resource boxes is 16.9% AND each article has two inbound links to the site being promoted.

Note: Many authors consider a 10 percent click-thru rate good from article directories.

22 SEO Quake and Linking

SEO Quake and Linking

One of the tools that I regularly use is a plugin for FireFox called SEO Quake. This is extremely useful when I’m doing keyword research but I consider it a necessity when it comes to link building.

Google and the other search engines judge the popularity of your site by the sites you link to AND, more importantly, by the sites that link to you. If you link to a site that has been banned by Google for whatever reason, YOUR rankings will suffer to some extent because YOU chose to link to this ‘bad’ site.

SEO Quake has a toolbar that you can install and activate on one function on that bar will tell you how many pages each of the major search engines has indexed for that domain. IF Google is showing 0 pages indexed for a domain, I will not link to the site in any way.
Note: I ALWAYS go to Google and type site:www.sitedomain.com to verify the tiool I'm using hasn't malfunctioned.

You need to carefully check the sites of anyone that wishes to trade links with you to see if they are in good standing with Google and you need to recheck at least once a month to see if they are still in Google’s good graces AND that your link is still in place.

Google currently gets about 71% of all searches so they are the only one you really need to stay on top of, at this time, for changes that may affect your site.

You cannot control any bad sites that link to you but you CAN ensure you don’t link to them.

If you run a blog and enable trackbacks, which you should, be sure to delete the trackback of any site that isn’t providing value.

An example of what I consider a garbage site is a site that grabs snippets of content from multiple sites to place as content for the sole purpose of profiting from Adsense. Google will eventually catch this type of site and deindex them which means they’ll be a bad linking partner for you.

21 PageRank and Traffic

Once you've completed the on page
optimization the only way to move yourself higher in the results of the SERPs
(Search Engine Results Pages) is to add more pages of content to your site AND
more incoming links.

Note: Some sites with very few pages DO achieve higher PR solely on
the number and quality of the inbound links they have.

If you can snag a link from a
site with either the .edu or .gov extension, you will enjoy a bounce in your
rank. These are usually harder to come by so they are valued. You can look for
educational or government blogs that are related to your site to see if they
allow comments. Even a blog comment of value that's outside your niche has

Some SEO experts say as much as
30% of your links need to be on off topic sites. The reason for this belief is
people naturally have multiple interests so comments that only point to your
site is unnatural and frowned on by the search engines.

Repeatedly adding your new pages
to the same social bookmark sites is also unnatural and those sites may ban
your account or just start ignoring your bookmarks. The search engines will
also ignore those bookmarks. If you bookmark your pages across multiple social
bookmark sites AND bookmark multiple sites related to your niche and in other
niches, it looks more natural so both search engines and the people that pay
attention to social bookmarks will notice.

It is EXTREMELY important that
you do everything in a natural looking way. Adding too many links in one day,
doing too many social bookmarks at once, submitting to too many directories in
a day is unnatural. Keep the links or activity in ANY single category to 10 or
less per day and you'll benefit more over time.

Alternate the anchor text you use
and send links to interior pages as well as your home page to build authority
across the domain.

A Good Tactic

Every time you add a page to your
website or post to your blog, submit an article to Ezine Articles and another
article to a mass submission service like www.isnare.com
if you don't have article submission software or don't want to take the time
necessary to set it up and use it. You are the only one that can decide whether
your money or your time is more valuable to you at this point in your business.

Given time, the above activities
will help you build both page rank and traffic to your site.

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