Do You Have a Search Engine Marketing Plan?

Effective search engine marketing requires a plan you act on just as you have a business plan to help your business.
The information I share with my members teaches the basics you need to incorporate into your on page search engine optimization efforts. These factors should be just one piece of your overall marketing plan. 

Once you get into the practice of adding unique quality content to your website on a regular basis, you will see the spiders from Google and Yahoo. Bing, in my experience, does not visit sites as often regardless of how often new content is added. 

Google and Yahoo seem to like the larger authority sites but Bing seems to position one page sales page sites with 300-400 words higher than informational authority sites. 

Example: Bing loves the pages on this site that are geared towards acquiring new members BUT the post with the video case study is disliked by this search engine according to their webmaster tools. When you register your sites with Bing, they will give each indexed page 1-5 bars which gives you an idea how well they like the page. 

One thing ALL of the major search engines have in common is that they like steadily increasing supply of links coming to your site. The quality needed for a link to be counted varies with each search engine. Google prefers a variety of anchor text for the links but that isn’t as important with some of the others. 

Your search engine marketing plan should detail:

  • Your schedule for when you will add fresh content to your website. – You MUST stick to this schedule or both the search engines and your visitors will lose interest.

  • You MUST plan how you intend to create or acquire links to your site and then consistently act on that plan. Some of the ways to create links are:

    • Blog comments

    • Forum posts with a signature

    • Press Releases

    • Article Submissions

    • Directory Submissions

    • Exchanging links with other webmasters

    • Videos posted on free video hosting sites like YouTube

    • Answering questions on Yahoo Answers

    • Submitting the RSS Feed for each piece of new content to RSS Feed Aggregators

    • Social bookmarking your website’s new content

    • Social bookmarking the articles you submit to article directories

It's impossible to do all of the above at the same time AND build your business. Start with one you are comfortable with or good at and get it going and become VERY good at it then add another and so on. At some point, your business will be making enough so you can outsource some of the most time consuming tasks.

Article writing is one of the tasks that can be outsourced once your cash flow allows it BUT YOU must proof read the articles you have written for you and modify them some so they carry your unique style and 'voice'. 

The main key to a successful search engine marketing plan is having basic SEO skills using them consistently and continuously in the plan you create. Inaction or inconsistent action will mean limited or inconsistent traffic from the search engines and the links you are spreading around the internet. 

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