SEO Tips Case Study

The video in this article shows the results of using the SEO tips and techniques I teach even IF the page is a parking page until the site has been completed.

I created the page that was displayed for 2 reasons which were: 

  • Search engine spiders often crawl new domains as soon as they become aware of them and GoDaddy (My registrar of choice.) gets noticed and propagated in 24 hours or less in most cases.
  • I wanted my new domain to provide and visitor that happened onto my new domain to know exactly what the new site will be about so enough content was provided to make them happy. This same content was keyword rich and search engine optimized so the spiders could place the domain in the results where I wanted it placed.

Since this was a parking page (placeholder), NO promotion of any kind was done. 

Because my temporary page had REAL content, was optimized for ‘seo tips for beginners' it made it to the second page of the search engine results on Google. IF I had checked earlier, it was probably listed higher for awhile. Search engines will often index a quality page that has been optimized very high in the results then start moving them lower as new content comes in AND your page hasn't been promoted or the site added to.


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Now that the site is live, we are basically starting over in the eyes of the search engine BUT the domain has been placed in the proper category. 

As new content is added externally and the off site promotions kick in, you will see the listing for SEO Tips for Beginners climb back towards the top of the listings for my chosen keyword phrase.

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