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An Seopressor review from someone that uses WordPress, teaches entry level SEO & is an expert article writer at Ezine Articles. This plugin has both good & bad.

Seopressor - SEOpressor Plugin Review

This plugin recommends that every post use the H1 tag. You should only have one H1 tag per page and most blog themes are coded with the blog title in the header as an H1 tag.

If you removed the blog title from the header but allowed the blog to display excerpts of multiple posts on the home page, as most do, you would still have a page with multiple H1 tags which hurts you in the rankings.

The plugin suggests you link to other posts on the keyword that exist in your blog. This can be dynamically handled by a related post plugin or the other posts from category plugin. By using a plugin instead of manually creating a link, you are less likely to have broken links when you change things on your blog.

This Seopressor review might make more sense if you review the video on the Seopressor sales page.

Seopressor - The Good

The plugin does a good job of prompting users to use the keyword in the title, first sentence, in the text body and the last sentence.

You can set the plugin to automatically bold, underline and italicize your keyword in the post in case you forget to do it manually.

The plugin reminds you to add a photo to each post and to optimize it with tags which is a good thing.

There are more aspects to this plugin that the plugin does but many of them weren’t shown to me as suggestions since I already optimize most of my posts as I write them.

My Conclusion

This plugin mirrors what I teach Gold members of SEO Tips For Beginners members but it will not teach you how to do keyword research or how to write marketing articles in a format readers will read. If you own one or more WordPress blogs or plan to at some point in the future, I recommend you spend $37 for the plugin and pay the $47 for the OTO you will be unlimited site license.

You need the right combination of SEO plugins for WordPress plus content writing and backlink building skills to really excel in your niche but the Seopressor plugin alone will help you improve your on page optimization. I hope you’ve found this Seopressor review informative and helpful.

2 Responses to Seopressor Review

  • How do you optimize a photo or image? Should the URL be the post’s URL which WordPress does not add until after you publish the article, or should you use just the keyword? I could use some more information on how to optimize this plug in? Where do you enter the H1 H2 H3 tags? I have SEO Platinum and how would I change that plugin? Any help would be appreciated.

  • All optimization of images is done within the post while in Edit Post. The image MUST be named as a keyword prior to insertion into the post.

    The H1, H2 and H3 Tags are also assigned to selected text while in edit post.

    Platinum SEO Pack is a plugin that helps with Meta tags, Meta descriptions and title rewrites among other things. It does NOT help optimize the post content itself.

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