The Power Of The Basics

SEO Tips for Beginners teaches nothing fancy for several reasons:

  • Because the basics work well
  • Because the basics provide the foundation on which you can build.
  • Because the rules of SEO are constantly evolving.
  • You aren't ready for advanced tips that may not fit in with your marketing plan.

You must be willing to expend a lot of time, effort or money to stay on top of the search engine optimization game and some of that time could be utilized in other traffic generation techniques. 

Have you noticed this site now has a Google PageRank of 2?

This was done using techniques I teach in the Member's Area. 

If you go to Yahoo and type into the search box, a list of the inbound links Yahoo has found will be returned.

  • Many of these links are from 2 Forums that I participate in on a semi-regular basis. The Warrior Forum is geared at serving the needs of people marketing on the Internet. I participate mostly in the copy writing and SEO topics. When this site when live, I added a link to it in my signature and this automatically changed my signature on every post I've made in the 12-18 months I've been posting on the Forum. As the results from Yahoo show, the 30-60 minutes spent writing quality posts in the Forum helps in the search engines. 

Propeller, Jumptags, Stumbleupon and Mister Wong are all social media sites and the tags are indexed which creates multiple links for each post.

The video case study I have in another post has the video hosted by YouTube. This YouTube hosted video has been picked up and used as content by other websites which creates quality inbound links and potential traffic for SEO Tips. 

Social bookmark sites can provide you with quality traffic and highly targeted traffic when you use them correctly.

I believe the key to SEO Tips achieving its current ranking is the result of several things: 

  • Quality onsite content
  • Good internal links
  • Good Meta Tags
  • A good testimonial on a high trafficked site.
  • Use of the social media sites.
  • A video on YouTube that is spreading virally for me.

These are all basic techniques anyone can implement and practice on an ongoing basis as long as they know and use the basic SEO skills taught here. 

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