Why WordPress Is My Preferred Platform

WordPress is very flexible and fairly SEO friendly right out of the box but it makes my search engine optimization efforts MUCH easier than static sites.

There are many reasons search engines and users love blogs but the biggest has to be the steady supply of content. Here are a few other reasons that they might like blogs and I love them:

  • Frequently updated content that’s usually interactive and original.
  • The sites are usually published with relatively clean code.
  • The blog script automatically generates an RSS Feed.
  • Each post has a unique title. (A free plugin makes this automatic.)
  • Each post can have Meta tags and Meta descriptions auto-generated if the right plugins are installed.
  • Each post has a search engine friendly URL if you’ve set your blog up correctly.
  • Each post can be submitted automatically to blog directories.
  • Each post can be automatically submitted to RSS Feed aggregators if you have the right plugin.
  •  A blog can be set up with either a static front page or a dynamic page like the traditional blog.
  • Each post can show the last X number of posts within that category just by adding a plugin to WordPress. (This cross linking within your site adds value to your visitors and search engines as well.)
  • A plugin can be installed that dynamically creates a sitemap for your visitors.
  • A plugin can be installed that dynamically creates an XML sitemap that is submitted to Google, MSN and Ask as soon as you publish your post. This plugin will also submit your sitemap to Yahoo if you set it up by entering your Yahoo API which can be acquired without charge.
  • There are multiple plugins that will collect stats on your visitors. (Some of these will really bloat your database and slow down your load times so you need to test and decide what you need.)
  • WordPress can be customized to enhance it in many different ways and a LOT of these enhancements will add to the social functionality, visitor stickiness or SEO.

The end result for me is an interactive website that’s search engine friendly, visitor friendly and it’s easy to add content to without having to think too much about SEO because it has been built in or added. A certain number of inbound links are auto-generated with each post by pinging blog directories and submission to RSS Feed aggregators.

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